The US and Canada are two of the world’s major consumer markets; however, their palm oil consumption is relatively low with domestically produced soybean and corn oils dominating the edible oils market. Consequently, the issue of sustainable palm oil sourcing has not been a high priority for companies in North America, and there is still a relatively low level of awareness of the impacts of palm oil production among consumers.

Latin America represents another new frontier for oil palm expansion, as the availability of suitable land in Malaysia and Indonesia becomes increasingly limited and global demand for palm oil continues to grow. Oil palm cultivation has already increased rapidly in the last decade at around 3.6% annually, and in some countries at a much higher rate.

As Central and South America holds more than one quarter of the world’s forest area, and two-thirds of its tropical rainforests, it is vital that the region adopts sustainable practices in palm oil production to avoid the negative impacts occurring in other regions such as Southeast Asia.

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