ZSL’s Sustainable Palm Oil Platform (SPOP)

provides information for all stakeholders in the palm oil supply chain, from upstream growers right through to downstream consumers. It is navigable by geographic region or stakeholder category and brings together a diverse range of tools and resources – including case studies, interviews, and links to relevant websites and publications.

  • Cooking oil made from palm oil, in Uganda
  • Deforestation for oil palm
  • Slow Loris
  • View over river and riparian area
  • Tiger photographed by camera trap in Indonesia
  • Oil palm seedlings in the nursery
  • Oil palm fruit
  • Oil palms

Latest Case Study:

New Britain Palm Oil: Smallholders

Overcoming Challenges in Certifying Smallholders Introduction: Supply chain certification is becoming increasingly important to many palm oil stakeholders. Palm oil producers are experiencing pressure from downstream buyers to certify all of their operations, including smallholder suppliers. Working…


Latest Report:

Monitoring of HCVs 5&6 Protocol – Consultation Draft

Continuing on from the work of ZSL in developing a monitoring system for HCVs in oil palm plantations in 2012-13, ZSL has joined forces with the Forest People’s Programme (FPP) to develop a protocol specific for the…

Oil palm fruit

Latest Blog:

ZSL to train palm oil practitioners in Cameroon

Oil palm plantations are quickly beginning to expand into the incredibly biodiverse areas of West Africa. However the awareness of sustainable practices, the concept of High Conservation Values and good management and monitoring of those values is very limited. As a result, ZSL Indonesia has teamed up with Wild Asia to conduct a three day [...]

Palm Oil by Region:

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Click on the map to navigate to information and resources specific to individual regions. These resources include country-specific reports, articles, and weblinks. Key facts are presented for each region and brief introductions to central issues and developments.

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