ZSL’s Sustainable Palm Oil Platform

provides practical tools and information for stakeholders in the supply chain, including case studies, interviews, and links to websites and publications. Our new Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit (SPOTT) scores 25 of the world’s largest oil palm growers using information that they make publicly available about the sustainability of their operations.

  • Oil palm seedlings in the nursery
  • Oil palm fruit
  • Cooking oil made from palm oil, in Uganda
  • Slow Loris
  • Oil palms
  • Deforestation for oil palm
  • View over river and riparian area
  • Tiger photographed by camera trap in Indonesia


Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit

ZSL SPOTT is an interactive resource designed for investors, manufacturers, and other stakeholders in the palm oil sector, combining satellite mapping technology with in-depth performance assessments and scores for 25 of the world's largest oil palm growers.

Latest Publication:

CI-WWF Sustainable Palm Oil Sourcing Guide

A new publication by Conservation International and WWF US designed to support consumer goods and retail companies transitioning to sustainable palm oil with information and guidance on developing and implementing sustainable sourcing programs.

Latest Report:

Change in carbon stocks from land-use conversion

A science-for-policy paper for the Oil palm Research-Policy Partnership Network. The aim of this report is to synthesize current scientific data on carbon stocks to help policy makers make decisions about land conversion to oil palm plantations.


Palm Oil by Region:

See where palm oil is across the globe

Click on the map to navigate to region-located information and resources. These include various country-specific reports, articles, and weblinks. Key facts and statistics are presented for each region and brief introductions to central issues and developments.

Palm Oil by Region